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Many Canadians don’t realize that the current [settlement] only dealt with our people who went to the residential schools, as defined by the government of Canada. First Nations communities in Canada continue to seek justice for “day scholars”–former students ineligible for compensation because they attended schools that didn’t require them to stay overnight.

The previous ADR and CEP and the current IAP process only compensated those who went to a Residential School, defined as a school which required a student to stay overnight. However, many students suffered abuse while attending Day School, a school in which the students went home every night.


A Day School is a school located on or near Native Reserves in Canada, and that was operated for the purposes of education registered Indian, Metis, and Inuit children. But like residential schools, the day schools were funded by the federal or provincial governments and run by the churches.


Day scholars attended the same residential schools where many aboriginal students suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse, but the day scholars have been exempted from the federal apology and are not eligible for compensation packages. The day scholar students were different from the residential schools students in that students returned home at the end of the school day.


In order to be eligible to apply for the Day School Court Action Lawsuit you must have attended a Federal Day School. This means that you attended a school run by the Federal Government, much like a Residential School, except that at the end of the school day you went home.


How to Register Your Name for a Court Action Lawsuit

You may opt into or opt out of the Court Action Lawsuit by completing relevant form provided below prior to applicable deadlines. Another option is to e-mail the address below ( or by calling (204)-942-8070 and asking for an application.

Downloadable Application:  Day School Court Action Form


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Please note, filling out the form below creates no financial obligation for you and does not make you a client of our law firm. If it is determined that you are eligible, you will have to complete an official Claim Form in the future, if you are potentially entitled to receive any compensation. Please check this webpage on a monthly basis for any updates.

If you wish to have more information regarding the Court Action, please contact (204)-942-8070 and ask to speak with the assistant handling the Day School Court Action.



Please complete and mail this part of the form to application for screening for eligibility to be a candidate to join the court action: Alghoul and Associates 200-286 Smith Street Winnipeg, MB R3C 1K4

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Registration Indian (Status) Number or Inuit Disc Number (if you have one)

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