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Child Access and Visitation in Manitoba, Canada

Child Access and Visitation in Canada
Child Access and Visitation in Manitoba, Canada CALL 1 877 378 4487Child Access and Visitation in Manitoba, Canada CALL 1 877 378 4487

Child Access and Visitation

“Visitation” in a family law matter is when one parent is awarded custody of the children, and the other parent is granted access. Parents with “access” are allowed to visit and be visited by their children, be informed about their children’s health, education, and welfare. In the child’s best interest, Canadian courts believe that children should have as much contact as possible with both parents.

“Supervised Access” refers to visits between the children and the parent that take place at a facility where they are supervised by social workers. If there is a risk of abduction, or if the court has concerns as to the person’s parenting ability, supervised access is awarded to the parent.

Child custody and access arrangements can be altered by the courts, because what was best for the children at one instance, may no longer currently be in the children’s best interest. As time passes, children’s needs will change, as will parent’s circumstances.

Once the living and care arrangements have been made for your children through custody and access preparations, child support will need to be determined. Even though they are divorced, Canada’s child support law states:

 “All children should continue to benefit from the financial means of both parents as if they were still together”.

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