BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration Lawyer

BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration Lawyer
BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration Lawyer BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration eligibility and requirement

BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration Lawyer

Nova Scotia uses the Express Entry immigration selection system to find highly skilled individuals with post-secondary education and qualifications that will help them settle successfully in Nova Scotia.

The BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration Lawyer will rank applicants based on the point system and periodically invite the highest-scoring applicants to submit business plan applications. For more information on how the registration system works, please contact Alghoul & Associates Law Firm experienced immigration lawyers.

BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration Program Eligibility

The eligibility criteria of the British Columbia PNP Entrepreneur Business Immigration Program stream is as follow.

Please carefully review the Entrepreneur Immigration Program Guide for a thorough description of program requirements.

BC Business Immigration Requirements:

  • General BC PNP Entrepreneur Business Immigration Nomination Requirements
    • Undertake active and ongoing management of the day-to-day business operations
    • Current demonstrated residence in B.C.
    • be admissible to Canada
  • Investor Personal Asset and Business experience Requirement
    • personal net worth of at least $600,000
    • business and/or management experience
  • BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Business requirements
    • establish a new business or purchase and improve an existing business
  • Investor Minimum Investment requirements
    • make an eligible personal investment of at least $200,000 in the business
  • Job requirements
    • create at least one new full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the business

Applicants to the BC Entrepreneur Business Immigration must demonstrate that you meet the program requirements. Nominated business people and investors including their eligible family members are eligible for Canadian permanent residency.

The BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration program may refuse your application if the information in your expression of interest registration is materially different from your application.

Don’t risk errors, waste time or increase the chance of failure and visa refusal by handling complex legal and immigration challenges on your own.

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